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Rough Sketches

I thought some might find it interesting to see the rough digital sketches I did for Inktober this year. Some are extremely rough, some more finished, some non-existent (did I delete them? did I misplace them? Who can say.) As a rule I tried not to spend so much time on these - maybe 10 minutes max? Though in a couple cases i was enjoying the drawing enough to spend longer and go into more detail, which obviously helps in refining the finished work. My primary concern for each prompt is always to suggest some kind of story - to take some angle that piques my interest and hopefully that of viewers as well.

Here you can see examples where I'm trying to figure something out ('vessel'), where I already have relatively fully formed ideas ('crystal' and 'knot'), and one where I've paired back my ambitions (the 'suit' guy was going to be looking in the mirror. Would have been cool, but too much time).

I was definitely having fun with 'Slither!'

Getting a sufficiently slapstick pose for 'splat' was challenging! Although I enjoyed the monster at lower left, I'd already had a similar composition last year.

I've mentioned before, I'm drawn to destruction.

My initial idea for 'open' was to associate it with a book of forbidden knowledge, but then moved to the idea of a monumental gate. 'Fuzzy' didn't really require too much thinking - just the shape of a car.

I am a sucker for anything Mad Max related. Those cars...

Some of my ideas were tangential to the prompt, but these ended up being more interesting sometimes.

I mostly used Autodesk Sketchbook, and Sketchable (these two free programs have an excellent pencil tool IMO), but I snuck in a little Corel Painter here and there...whatever was handy. Mostly I sketched these on my Surface Pro as it's nice to draw while sitting on the couch!

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