First blog entry!

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

I thought this might be an interesting thing to add to my website. Not sure yet what role it will play, but it will partly be a way to report on any new developments in my art life. My Instagram feed already kind of serves to document most of my artistic endeavors, but I'm hoping this will afford more detail, and maybe more...I don't know what! Hopefully someone will find it interesting and informative? Anyhow, I hope to experiment with this a bit in the coming weeks.

So a bit of tardy news: several months back I entered a digital illustration in a Corel Painter competition, and now months later after I'd almost forgotten about it, it turns out my piece was one of several that was accepted and used for their new marketing campaign for Painter 2022! Not only that, but my work now appears in the software's welcome menu! Pretty wild! They had to flip it and otherwise 'massage' it for their own purposes, but it's still weird to see it every time I open the program. Behold:

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